Community Speaks, Global Vegan Business Expo 2020 Highlights

Burn Hard

Fire yourself up towards better health & fitness with 6 power-packed vegan panellists moderated by Kuntal Joisher, Mountaineer, at the Global Vegan Business Expo starting on 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2020. These days one cannot imagine leaving your home and venturing to a studio or gym….

Community Speaks, Events

Compassion India To Host Global Vegan Business Expo 2020

Compassion India magazine is organizing India’s first Global Vegan Business Expo 2020, a 3-day virtual networking from 30 October – 1 November 2020. The event marks the first anniversary of the launch of Compassion India magazine on 1 November 2020 (World Vegan Day), India’s first print publication. The…

Community Speaks, Events

The Raw Truth

Doha-based Nausheen Sayed was brought up in a meat consuming family and environment. Yet, she was barely in her 20s when she took a big leap into veganism and experienced a 360-degree transformation in her health and energy levels. She has also shared her menu…

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