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India Gets Its First Raw Vegan Restaurant

Local tastemaker, Harsha Sarvariya in collaboration with Sushila Shah, Co-Founder of renowned Khichdi restaurant have launched the city’s first raw vegan restaurant on 15 August


Pravaah Vegan Food Fest Held At Pune

Pravaah Vegan Food Fest at Pune Pravaah Vegan Food Fest at Pune, organized by Green Business Pages (the largest directory of sustainability oriented businesses in


Tel Aviv University Developing Milk From Yeast

Image: Tel Aviv University | A team of specialists led by Prof. Tamir Tuller from Tel Aviv University with foodtech entrepreneur Dr. Eyal Iffergan, Tuller have


Vegan Anda Now Hatching Across Mumbai

The mock egg has been developed by Delhi-based startup with IIT, New Delhi is now available in Mumbai. The company is amongst the first batch


Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone will be delighted to see these trending gift ideas under the tree. Get in the holiday shopping spirit with some spectacular and some quirky


Dairy Versus Plant Milk Wars Boils Over

The milk-naming fight that has been boiling for years across continents is now frothing over on Indian shores. Dairy company Amul claims to take action


3 Vegan Eye Surgeons With A Vision For The Future

Vegan eye surgeons, Dr Rohit Modi, Dr Sharang Wartikar and Dr Anuradha Ayyar, all turned vegan for different reasons. But the benefits they experienced after, surprised

Community Speaks

The Raw Truth

Doha-based Nausheen Sayed was brought up in a meat consuming family and environment. Yet, she was barely in her 20s when she took a big


The Satvik Vegan

Shankar Narayan, perhaps the world’s first satvic vegan, shares his path of self-discovery and how he learnt about veganism during the cusp of the launch


Reconnect with Animals, Plants and People

Kryon Wisdom Centre & Compassion Magazine has organized an open workshop about Telepathic Communication on 16 June 2020. If pets could speak, what would they


China De-classifies Dogs As Livestocks

According to a Reuters report recently, “China has drawn up new guidelines to reclassify dogs as pets rather than livestock, the agriculture ministry said. This