Dr. Rupa Shah, Publisher & Director

Dr Rupa Shah, is an allopathic MBBS doctor primarily, but has done intensive research in natural remedies, therapy & holistic healing. Partnered with her husband, Dr Atul Shah, they have pioneered Indian flower remedies and has co-founded Aum and Healin Temple consultations.

She turned vegan 12 years ago and experienced a health transformation so deep, that she wanted to share her knowledge with all. She has a single-minded vision of a healthy vegan community so some years ago, Dr Rupa aimed to bring together thought leaders to spark an internal revolution, and with this dream, she co-founded the Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group. The group organized India’s first and largest vegan festival since 2016- The Ahimsa Festival. These festivals established a roadmap that triggered an all-India movement.

And she didn’t stop there. She went on to publish a series of books and the recently launched magazine ‘Compassion’. Dr Shah has founded a publishing house, circleOhealth and a JITO Digital Women Warriors Award winner.

circleOhealth has published a series of books like ‘Dairy Alternatives’, ‘What About My Calcium?’ and India’s first vegan print publication, ‘Compassion India’. She has most recently launched a health consultation, Kitchen Doctor.

Vatsal Nathwani, Managing Editor

From being President of the college student council at Nirmala Memorial Foundation Collage to becoming the managing editor of India’s first vegan print magazine, Compassion India, Vatsal has come a long way. He has studied Bachelors of Mass Media. Journalism and is passionate about channelling his skills and education to help animals.

In 2018, Vatsal rescued Bindu, a mother dog who was cruelly raped in the most barbaric manner and helped provide emergency support, but unfortunately she died later of grievous injuries. This was a turning point for Vatsal, and since then, he is relentless in rescuing sentient animals across the state. He visited the more recent Kolhapur flooded areas to extend his support towards mass rescuing of animals. Through these heart-breaking experiences, he has realized that India needs more stringent laws to protect animals and even stronger awareness among the law enforces and civilians like us, to enforce and help enforce the laws.

Nandita Kapadia, Managing Editor

Nandita Kapadia has been associated with premium publications for the past 15 years. She has also been the content editor of India’s first and biggest vegan festival website, The Ahimsa Fest and One Earth Festival for 2 years. Her other projects include developing and editing vegan health publications like ‘Dairy Alternatives’, ‘What About Your Calcium?’ and ‘Compassion India’. Her vegan journey began in 2014 and after a series of interviews and communication with entrepreneurs, she has developed keen insight into the difficulties faced by vegan businesses in India. More recently, she has witnessed vigils with city activists and has become sensitized to the horrors of the animal agriculture industry and to the challenges faced by activists as well. She is associated with a studio and collaborates with her team of art directors, designers and writers to develop content for websites and a range of projects. She has consulted agencies and startups and is in liaison with her team to create and develop logos, content and corporate projects for leading vegan organizations as well.

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